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I am very honored to be part of this noble family in as much as world wide web is concerned. It is my sincere wish to everyone here that God will richly bless you and your family through out the rest of our lives. Nothing justifies a man for deviating from his own beloved creator by trying to do thy will. From God point of view, all men are like grass and one day one time we shall all wilt for the word of God to come to pass. Gone are those days when people used to imitate others way of life but I tell you, there is no longer any one to be trusted because all are hungry wolfs who are in sheep clothes who are looking for the sheep devour. The only truth left is to search through the scripture to find out the outstanding truth. 


How will you weigh when Jesus Christ comes ? 

I always cried and asked myself if the last trumpet 🎺 is blown and the savior comes with a scale to measure my good deeds what will be the quantum of my good deeds to the bad ones? We all know that every business person will always want to make profits on what ever sales he /she made but do we expect to profit (gain salvation) when the Lord comes? We have to be on guard on every in every life situation we are because no body knows the day and hour  the Lord will come. Let us keep busy in the Lord’s work to harvest more profits that will lead to eternity. 

Food for thought 

Raise your self-esteem to such a level that you only allow loving experiences in your life. Don’t waste time trying to get even. It doesn’t work. What we give out always comes back to us. So lets drop the past and work on loving ourselves in the now. Then we will have a wonderful future

Ohawu Agricultural Colleg

Ohawu Agricultural College is located in the South – East of Ghana, Ohawu is 8km from Abor which is about 160km from Accra along the Accra – Aflao road. 

Ohawu Agricultural College was established in 1965 as both an Agricultural College and a mechanization training center but the latter was terminated in the 1970s. It is the only one of its kind in the Volta region but one of the four National  Agricultural College under Ministry of food and Agriculture with a mandate to train middle level manpower for both the formal and informal sector of the economy. The proximity to Tema and Accra, the serene academic environment and staff dedication to duty tend to make ohawu Agricultural College the college of choice in Ghana’s Agricultural College circle. 

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My First Day  In  Ohawu Agricultural College 

Base  on requirements by the college, all students of the 2015/2016 academic applicants were supposed to have reported on the  21st August 2015 to the dean of students of the college which I could not make it. I actually came on the 31st of August to register with the dean of students and I was given index number, OAC/AGR /15 /0026 and a  hall (Pinder) .  I arrived on campus around 3pm and the first student I met  wasAndoh Philip popularly known to be “ampotete”, who was also first year,took me to the student representative council (SRC) to register with them. TheSRC President took me  to Tetteh Quashie Hall  to accommodate me. I was given a bowl by a friend when the syrin was sang for us to go and have our dinner on that same Sunday. 

It was exactly 5:30am Monday dawn when I heard the syrin been rang and I said ah! Could this be breakfast? no! I exclaimed. When I rised up, I saw people wearing their willington boots and I was confused when heard noise from striking of cutlass and hoes instead seeing people washing their bowls and cups for breakfast. I went back to my bed thinking that it was emergency not knowing that it’s time for roll call. 

It was actually funny to me when I saw people clearing around the campus since the semester was still young which needed to be cleaned. They returned at 7:30am which I got to know that I was already guilty(victim)  before the college rules and regulations as the institution. One of my friends told me that I have to get registered with the school attachee to get my tools for work. I said Hmmm to myself , little fire to warm me than furnace to burn me. Wouldn’t  it be better to stay at home to farm for my family than to be clearing these bushes for four good months and for that matter three years? Thinking about the next step that I could take again, I heard the syrin been rang again and I said matter be this? They will not even allow us to rest and they are ringing the syrin again but my prediction was not right it was rather time for breakfast. And this has now become a routine that we go through the man power training each day and there that I got to know that it is called “mampi “. 
When it was 8:30am, I was going for lectures when  I saw the school notice board and I rushed there to check what is on it  just to realize that the trailnee allowance has been canceled. What a hell story again? And I don’t even know how to describe my  condition or situation. I walked silently and went and sat down. This guy has no future !  I said to myself. The mampi was not all that easy but we just have to adapt to it and this has brought me to this far. 

Thank you. 

How Is Ghana Education system? 


I have lots of issues with how education in the Ghanaian societies are going these days. 

The first thing I would want to bring to your notice is the cover page of the exercise books used in our schools. 

We see pictures of footballers, musicians, celebrities which are almost nude. And to make matters worse,  the so called Abi and Pragia in TV series “kumkum Bagyia”  families are also making waves. 

So I want to know, what if the cover pages had something vital like the digestive system, Map of Ghana, parts of a computer and the likes. Many diagrams appear in the BECE exams, so if  inscriptions on students books have such diagrams on them, seeing it everyday would at least help them to remember.

I want to draw authorities attention to direct printers of these books to ensure that, diagrams and educational related pictures are used at the back pages of these exercise and note books.

Please anybody who reads this and has a means of getting this message to educational stakeholders should not hesitate to do so.  Thanks.

The Concept Of Aquaponics 

The definition for aquaculture is “the cultivation of aquatic organisms (as fish or shellfish) especially for food to” and the definition of hydroponics is, “the growing of plants in nutrient solutions with or without an inert medium (such as soil) to provide mechanical support”. The reason for the definitions is because aquaponics is a mixture of aquaculture and hydroponics. It is the same concept as hydroponics. The plants roots are submerged in the water with the fish waste and ammonia that are added is the part of the system that is like aquaculture. The plants absorb and suck up all the ammonia and turn them into nitrites and then into nitrogen, which then helps the plant because the plant needs nitrogen in order to live.

The aquaponic system consists of two main parts the reservoir and the grow bed. The reservoir holds the fish and the grow bed hold the plants. It works by using a pump that takes the water up to the grow bed from the reservoir and waters the plants as well as giving them nutrients from the fish such as ammonia. The fish benefit from the plants because the ammonia it produces could kill the other fish inside the tank. If there is to much ammonia the fish will die. So the plants absorb the toxic ammonia and when the ammonia is gone the water travels back down to the reservoir to the fish. If you feed your fish more than they can eat it also turns into more ammonia. So the fish help the plants and the plants help the fish.

Aquaponicss is the same as aquaculture and hydroponics. Hydroponics is growing only plants by submerging the plants roots into the water with the chemical nutrients. Also, there are no fish used in hydroponics it is only the plant. On the other hand aquaculture is the exact opposite it is only growing and breeding fish usually in concrete pools, earth ponds, and barricaded wates or just cages for the fish to live in. The enclosures named help the fish to grow and also give them protection.

There are different aquaponic systems one type is a Chinese Aquaponics system. It is believed to be invented by Doctor Song in 1990. He called it surface aquaponics. You could use this in lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and pools. A specially made growing bed was used as a place to plant the seeds and grow them. This system would help when their was a shortage of food in China, but as the population increases there is less land to use.

Aquaponics is important because it helps during food shortage. It also gives you organic fruits or vegetables. Usually you will not need to put chemicals into your aquaponic system because the plants absorb the ammonia not killing the fish. The only chemicals needed for an aquaponic system is iron which helps give the plants more nutrients and it also doesn’t harm the fish. Also aquaponics is important because without it food wouldn’t grow as fast leading to more famines.

Actually there is no way you can destroy aquaponics unless the culture is forgotten but you can make a recycled aquaponic system with recycled items. Such as plastic bottles, pans, containers, tanks, and anything you can think of. It is important to me because I can grow organic vegetables and fruits without thinking about what the people who grew it used to make it grow and look better.

You can find use any kind of fish, but Tilapia or Yellow Perch are the best. They are both delicious fish to and Tilapia is very popular in the fish market recently. Tilapia grows really fast and can adapt well to almost any climate. They can also grow really big too. Tilapia also are very strong fish and don’t usually eat each other so it is safe to put them together.

In conclusion, aquaponics is good for the environment as well as fast and easy to use. Without aquaponics some people today wouldn’t have food. Also aquaponics would help the world grow, have more food, and help have less pollution when growing plants. The best part is the fish produce their own fertilizer that helps your plant grow faster. The plants in an aquaponic system can grow a few weeks to a month. 

Thanks for reading